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How to write an essay?


A common question that all the students of high school and colleges struggle to answer is: “How to write a perfect essay?” For some students, writing an essay is simply sitting on a computer and typing. But, they do not notice some mistakes that are usually made while writing an essay which are left unnoticed. For a student who is given a task to write an essay, finds it difficult to complete it in a correct manner. Hence, the student ends up scoring fewer grades. The main reason for students not being able to write a good quality essay is the lack of research done on a topic. With an over-demanding academic schedule and extracurricular activities, students have insufficient time to conduct an authentic research on their topics. This, in turn, affects the quality of their essays. Students like you consider essay writing a daunting task, but if you know how to go about with the writing process you can sail through it effortlessly. So, if you want to know the key to writing a high-quality essay follow the steps below:

  1. Unique title

Giving your essay a unique and attractive title can gather more readers for your content. It is important to have an interesting title because most of the readers will only read the title and make their decision of reading ahead or not. Thus, frame your title in such a way that it grabs the attention of readers.

  1. Research about your topic

Generally, when you search for any topic you end up copy-pasting it in your essay, which is a major mistake. To make an essay free from plagiarism, research more about the topic, and make note of the relevant information by describing it in your own way. Less information can be the reason, for low-quality content in an essay. The more you search information on a particular topic; you will be able to get a broader perspective while writing the essay. Hence conducting a high-quality in-depth research is the key to writing excellent content.

  1. Focus more on your topic

Most students in the excitement to write an essay forget to focus on the topic. Students must try, to write more about the topic in an elaborate manner.  By preparing an outline of your ideas, you will be able to structure your content better. Give scaled information and clear data about the topic to maintain the quality of your content. Some students tend to drift away from the topic while writing the content. In order to avoid this scenario, it is wise to first know your topic and plan your content.

  1. Plan a good introduction

An Introduction is the first thing that the readers read. Hence, it is important to have an introduction that is impactful and concise. Make sure that the introduction shows a small picture of your main content. Avoid providing the details in this section. You have to ensure that this section introduces every element of your essay.

  1. The main body of your essay

Make sure that the main body of your essay includes multiple paragraphs, which explain and provide evidence about the topic. You must use examples, to support your information. Using examples will make the reader understand easily. The body should be an in-detail description of your topic. Make sure that you are able to build a link between your examples and analysis. Most students tend to lose the connectivity while explaining their examples. Gather relevant examples which are related to the topic, to avoid this mistake.

  1. Common grammatical errors

Focus on the minor mistakes that you make while writing. You can make a rough outline of the content, which will ensure that your essay is error free. Use words such as: ‘a’, ‘is’, ‘are’, ‘has’, ‘have’, ‘often’, ‘therefore’, ‘meanwhile’, and many more. These words are used to combine one subject to the other, hence playing an important role in a sentence. The best way to avoid grammatical errors is to check and recheck your essay before submission.

  1. Avoid repetition of words

This is the main point to keep in mind while writing an essay. Repetition will bring down the value of your content. The readers will get an impression, that the writer does not have language proficiency. In order to avoid it, ensure that you use different words. Building your vocabulary will be a start, to know new words. A student who has a strong vocabulary must not show off, by using words that do not suit the situation. Using simple words can make a content look better than using heavy vocabulary words which add the complexity to the content.

  1. Add pictures

Including pictures and images in your essay can make it more lively and colorful. The essay will appear more attractive to the reader, as including images can explain better by giving it a visual effect. As pictures would break the monotony of the content, ensure that the pictures you include are in line with the topic. Students sometimes in order to fill the space, put pictures that are not related to the content. You must understand that pictures are not meant to fill the gap, rather they are meant to enhance the meaning of your content.

  1. Conclusion

This is the last section of an essay; students must have a solid ending to their essays to leave a lasting impact on the reader. The conclusion of your essay can be a question, an anecdote, or a statement. Most students by the time they reach the conclusion lose out on the excitement to write and thus end up writing a conclusion that is not up to the mark. Having a good conclusion is as important as having a good introduction. So devote sufficient time and interest while writing this part of the essay.


These are some of the simple tips that you should keep in mind while writing an essay. If you follow these steps, you can easily write a perfect essay on any topic. The main mantra of writing a good essay is to first know your topic, second, plan your topic, and third, execute your ideas. In order to do so, students must conduct an authentic research to come up with their own opinions and ideas. Writing an essay is not a difficult task if you follow the above-mentioned tips. To improve your content, it is best to write one blog every day and read simultaneously.






What is the importance of sports in the academic curriculum?

Heywood Broun rightly says: “Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”


The term “sports” is defined as an activity, that involves physical exertion and skills, in which an individual/team competes against the other. In the academic life of a student, sports is a very important element that plays a significant role in the overall development of him/ her. With increasing competition academically, students are busy fighting for the top place, by constantly studying and not focusing on any other activities. This leads them, to become lethargic and inactive. A downside of development in technology is that children do not get out and play anymore. With the video games, online games, TV, etc they have lost out on the urge of getting out in the sun and playing. This can lead to various mental and health problems later in life.

Academic learning molds the child with various skills, like the power of reasoning, soft skills, writing skills, critical thinking skills, and so on. Sports, help in the overall development of a child. In other words, academic education and sports education are two sides of the same coin. The main question here is: “Does sports focus only on the physical development of a child?” There are a number of reasons as to why sports need to be an important part of the curriculum. Some of them are:

  1. Reduces strain

Stress comes in as a non-exchangeable commodity in a man’s life. People spend most of their lives, worrying about one or the other thing. Including sports in the daily schedule would help, in the reduction of stress drastically. A sport plays a very vital role in maintaining the mental fitness of a person. It helps students, by reducing fatigue immensely. Being burdened with the academic demands and extracurricular activities, sports is the only place where students let out their frustration and pent-up pressure. By doing some activity students can also improve their concentration levels as doing an activity would enhance their cognitive function. As the child moves and does some physical activity the body produces endorphins, which acts as a natural painkiller.

  1. Increases Focus

If a student is a part of a football team, he/she has to focus on the game for more than an hour. This way, the student develops a habit of focusing on the game. That is how students, improve their ability to focus over time. There are times when teachers complain that students are very distracted and fidgety. One of the reasons could be that they are not able to focus, on one thing for more than 10 minutes or even less. Playing any sport can enhance the ability to concentrate. Since exercising or movement of the body works on the cellular, it thus improves the blood flow. This, in turn, increases the time span of focus in students. Further on, sports also help in improving the memory of a child.

  1. Helps in physical and social development

If you are thinking that sports can help students just physically, think again. A sports molds a child both physically and socially. Some of the qualities of acceptance, tolerance, etc are learnt during the play. Playing any sport teaches a child to become more accepting and tolerant. In games like football, basketball or hockey, teams play against each other. In order to play as one team, the members have to be patient and accepting of other team members. In today’s world, tolerance and acceptance are the qualities that are lacking immensely. Thus playing a sport does not only train a child to play a particular game, rather it teaches other aspects of life too.

  1. Improves productivity

In the academic field or professional field, work productivity is given importance. When it comes to academics, the students must be able to study and complete their work in time. The question here is: “How can Sports help in improving a student’s productivity?” Sports can help a child in more than one way; improving productivity is one among the many benefits that it has. For instance, if a person works all day without moving at all, he can get irritated and the work productivity falls drastically. But if the same person takes a break and does some activity like playing tennis for an hour, can enhance his productivity by refreshing him.

  1. Develops a healthy competitive spirit

A healthy competitive spirit is rare among the students these days. A sport teaches students, to accept failure and encourage never giving up the spirit. It also inculcates a healthy attitude, towards the opponents. This way the students do not focus on winning, instead they focus on giving their 100% in the game. Winning and losing are the two sides of the same coin, and this the students learn by being a part of a game. There have been instances where the student’s loose heart after losing the game and they do not talk to the opponent team. In such times the coach of a team plays an important role by encouraging the students to forget the failure and keep trying.

  1. Teaches teamwork, leadership skills

Skills such as teamwork, leadership, etc cannot be taught to a student, rather they are inculcated. Sports can be a perfect way to teach students, about such qualities. Playing a team game teaches students, to play with the whole team and not solo. This way the student works along, with the other members. Sports, also helps the student to develop leadership qualities. For example, by being a captain of the team, the student learns to keep the team together and maintain decorum.


Above mentioned are just a few of the many benefits that sports has. Parents and teachers must encourage students to be a part of at least one physical game, in order to help them develop in a better way. Billie Jean King rightly says:

“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win and lose- it teaches you about life.”

What are the various types of research done in the academic field?

In the words of Albert Szent Gyorgyi:

“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”


Before one gets into the various types of research that are conducted in the academic field, one needs to know the meaning of the term “research”. In a layman’s language, research is the study of information in order to understand something, or in order to discover facts about something. It primarily is to search for more information, on any topic to either understand the topic better or to know the concept. Research is a very important skill that students, are taught in their lower classes. One gets to experience the true joy of research while doing a dissertation or a thesis. Students, discover their writing styles and researching ability. The whole process of research involves a lot of patience and dedication. There are times when students have to search, for a very dry topic or topic that might not interest them. Undertaking a research then becomes a daunting task. In order to maintain the interest, it is better to first get to know the topic by doing some amount of research on that subject.

There are mainly two types of research that are done in academia. They are as follows:

  1. Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is one of the main types of research that happens in the academic world. Under this type of research, students use methods that focus on measurements and statistical data. This data is collected through various mediums like polls, surveys, questionnaires using the computational technique, etc. In order to understand and explain a particular phenomenon, quantitative research method is used to collect the numerical data and generalizing it. There are various subtypes that fall into this category of research. They are as follows:

  • Descriptive Research

Under this type of research, students have to provide a detailed description of a specific situation, using various sources like interviews, documents, observations, and so on. In other words, a descriptive research is an attempt to determine, describe or identify “what is” about an event or an issue. This is done by the process of collecting information, statistics etc. This type of research involves various variables in order to conduct the study. In order to understand it better below are some examples:

“What was the impact of the global financial crisis on the US?”

“What are the features of sustainable development?”

  • Correlational Research / Associational Research

As the name suggests this type of research, looks at the relationship between two or more variables. It involves a detailed analysis, of the relationship that two or variables share. It primarily focuses on the question like, “what kind of relationship exists”, and so on.   In order to do this type of research, students have to dive deep into the subject to understand the relation between the variables in a better way.

  • Experimental Research

The term “experiment” involves a hypothesis for which the experiment is conducted. A hypothesis is something that has to be proven or disproved. This is done, by the way of experiment. Hence, experimental research is when students try to explain a particular phenomenon by conducting an experimental study. This kind of research is highly informative and it is used by many students in the field of science, social science, and so on.

  • Causal-Comparative Research

This type of research involves the study of cause and effect relation that the variables have. The term “causal-comparative” research primarily focuses, on the comparison of two entities or variables. This kind of research goes beyond studying the relationship between the variables. Rather, there is a constant comparison to find out the result. In order to do so, students have to study about two or more variables in detail to pull out a comparative study.

  • Single Subject Research

As the name suggests this type of research, involves a study that uses a group of research methods on human or non-human participants. This type of research work is highly used in the field of science and technology.

  1. Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is one of the most used methods, to conduct a research study. Under this method, the data is used in a descriptive manner. This does not involve the collection of information only; rather it goes beyond the quantitative aspect. It focuses, on the quality of the data that has been collected. For example, this type of research can be conducted through collecting observations, interviews, documents, images, etc. Qualitative research has various sub-types. They are as follows:

  • Case Study

The term “case study” signifies a study of a particular event, entity, organization, company, etc. By using this method of research, students have to study a particular variable by understanding information about it, from different data sources. Since students will be studying one variable, they have to make sure that they understand the variable wholly. This includes knowing, the variable through the means of documents, interviews, surveys etc.

  • Phenomenological Research

This type of research is used to describe, an activity or a phenomenon. This research method uses a combination of methods, to complete the study. Students, undertaking this research method will have to rely on the participants who are included in their study.

  • Narrative Research

Narrative research is primarily, a method that involves a sequence of events that are narrated in the form of a story. Since the research is in a narrative form, students can talk about their personal event or a particular issue. In order to understand the event or an issue in detail, students take interviews, read documents, and so on.

  • Ethnography

Under this type of research, students have to immerse in the participants’ environment, in order to understand the goals, culture, tradition, and other aspects of his/ her life. This is a method that, involves a span of few months or even years. Since students have to understand the status by being a part of it, this method is an in-depth firsthand experience.

  • Grounded Theory

This method of research looks to provide an explanation for an event. Students have to go through, a series of techniques in order to build a theory. This involves, conducting a detailed study and observation.


Above mentioned are the types of research that students undertake in the academic area. According to Neil Armstrong –

“Research is creating new knowledge.”

Through these methods, students can easily get started with creating something new in their area of interest.

How to write an Argumentative Paper?


An argumentative paper is a genre of writing that involves investigation about the topic, which is done by collecting, generating, and evaluating the evidence. The main purpose here is to establish the writers’ point in a concise manner. This type of paper calls, for an extensive research of data including credible sources. In order to write an argumentative paper student might use interviews, observations, surveys, and so on. Students have to dive deep into the topic, to understand different phases of the subject. It simply means to study the topic from all angles, in order to know the topic better. If you have to write an argumentative paper, you cannot start the writing process immediately. This kind of paper requires detailed information about the topic. There are mainly two parts of an argumentative paper: first, is to develop your argument, and the second part is to refute opponent’s argument.

If the students are able to do defend their finding from their opponent’s, it means that they have conducted a high-quality research. In order to write an argumentative paper, there are some easy steps that students can follow. The steps are as follows:

  1. “Must” add-ons

There are some important elements of an argumentative paper, without which the paper seems incomplete. The must add-ons are

  • An argument in the form of a thesis

It is necessary to have your argument in the form of a thesis statement.

  • Flow in content

There must be a smooth transition between the content paragraphs. Most students in order to cover their points ignore the connectivity aspect and frame a paper that lacks flow. Your content must have some fluidity so that the readers enjoy reading it.

  • Prove your argument

This is an important part of an argumentative paper. The main aim to write this kind of paper is, to prove your point.

  • Support the argument with credible sources

When the students write an argumentative paper, they have to make sure that the audience is convinced. In order to do so, students must use examples from authentic and credible sources, to gain the audience’s confidence.

  • Conclusion

It is equally important to conclude your paper, on a note that summarizes your argument.

  1. Clarify your topic

Students in the excitement to start writing the paper, forget to clarify the topic. This, in turn, affects the quality of content. In order to avoid this situation, as soon as you get a topic, it is wise to clarify your doubts with your teacher. Students must know their topics well, in order to write a high-quality paper. By clarifying the topic, students can be aware of the parts they have to avoid, or the parts they need to include their content.

  1. List down your ideas

A safe way to move about with writing an argumentative paper is to first make an outline. Since it is an argumentative paper, the content will be different too. The content has to include questions and arguments. In order to write the paper, students can list the ideas, and prewrite the content. Prewriting is writing all your ideas and arguments roughly in order to select the best ones for the main draft. Making an outline will help students, to get a clearer picture of the content they wish to include in their paper.

  1. Include credibility, emotional appeal, and logic

One of the main elements in an argumentative paper is, to back up your content by referring to credible sources. This would assure your readers, that the content they are reading is valid and authentic. Avoid using sweeping statements without checking the facts. This might bring down the value of your content. Another element to enhance your paper’s content is to bring in the emotional appeal in a calculated manner.  Most students become emotional about a topic, and their content is drafted accordingly. The trick here is, to make the readers sympathetic towards your point. The next element is, to bring logic by citing examples in a chronological order. Any content that is organized chronologically is preferred over a content that is not. Thus, cite good and relative examples by bringing in the connection with your topic.

  1. Temporary thesis statement

Having a thesis is an important aspect of writing an argumentative paper. A thesis is nothing but your argument, in the form of a statement that has to be proved or disproved. Thesis statement acts as a goal of your content, wherein the students have to either write content in support of it or against it. It is necessary to have an apt temporary thesis statement, which can change as the paper progresses. A very common mistake that students commit is they frame a thesis statement that has no relation, to the content they write. This rules out the whole meaning of having a thesis statement, if it is not in co-relation to the written content. Avoid such a mistake by making a temporary statement.

  1. Provide enough information about the topic

A good content is that which has the right amount of information about the topic, thus the students must include all the needed information. This does not mean that you have to include all the information that you find, which is known as an information overload. Students must wisely, choose information that will be included in their paper.

  1. Check and re-check your work

This last step is an essential part of the paper. Most students skip this step and submit their argumentative paper directly. This leads to unattended grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and disorganized content. In order to avoid this blunder, students must edit their work before the final submission. Another way, to go about this would be to read aloud the content that you have written, and make the changes accordingly.


Above mentioned are a few steps to write an argumentative paper. In order to write one, follow them and get yourself a high-quality paper. The main point to remember here is to put forth your argument and defend it.

How to write an Accounting essay?

The term “accounting” refers to a process of keeping financial records or accounts. Accounting is an essential part of the business world. It is very rightly quoted by Diane Garnick that:

“Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile. Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings.”


The complexity of accounting increases with the size of business. This field includes keeping financial records, conducting internal and external audits, updating financial information to the management, and so on. Students studying this subject must have sufficient knowledge, to go ahead with writing an essay on any accounts related topic. With a demanding academic schedule and extracurricular activities, students find essay writing a daunting task. In order write a high-quality essay one has to conduct research, which becomes difficult with such less time left in hand. Accounting essay is different from any other kind of essay. The content should be concise, clear, factually right, updated, and it must include tables, figures, etc. This type of essay requires analysis and calculation. If you find it hard to write an accounting essay, simply follow the steps to complete your task easily. The steps are as follows: 

Steps to do before writing

  1. Understand the concept

Once you get the question, make sure that you understand it. You can ask your professors or guides to help you understand the concept if you face any difficulty. Since you have to write an essay, it is extremely important to know your topic. If the professor gives you the liberty of choosing your own topic, then conduct a research and choose a topic that is relevant. It can be on a recent accounting report that the government might have released, or an event that took place, etc. Taking help from such sources would validate your work, and the audience would appreciate it. Students must get to know their question/ topic before they get down to writing about it.

  1. Make a blueprint

This is the second step before writing your essay. It is wise, to first make an outline of the essay. The question that might arise is: What is an outline? The outline is a rough plan of your essay, which includes the points and the information that you would want to include while writing. This step helps you organize your thoughts, and since it is an accounting essay you can work on your calculations too. An accounting essay might include equations, numbers, figures, and so on, thus a clear arrangement is required before you start drafting your essay. During the writing process, this outline would help you arrange your information in an organized manner. Hence, making a rough plan is a smart way to go about with the whole writing task.

  1. Refer credible sources

This type of essay involves both analysis and calculations, thus the research needs to be done accordingly. Most students in the rush to complete the research refer to sources, which are not credible, which in turn affects the quality of their essays. You must make it a point to refer government reports, documents, lists, etc to get updated and authenticated information. While students are researching it is important to make a note of all the sources that are being referred, in order to avoid confusion at the later stage. There are times when students complete their research and forget to make a list of the sources referred, which affects their bibliography and content quality. You must avoid this mistake.


Steps to write an accounts essay

  1. Introduction

Once you are through with above-mentioned steps, you can start drafting your essay. Under this section, students must provide a brief introduction to the topic. Assuming that the audience is not aware of your topic, it is important to give a basic idea in the first paragraph of your essay. An introduction is the first thing that the audience read; make sure you do not include unnecessary information in there. Include clear and concise sentences, which would interest the readers. By asking questions, you can grab more attention.

  1. Calculations/ Analysis

Students might get topics that would require calculations. Thus, this section is solely for calculations and analysis. Students need to solve their accounting problems, in the form of equations. Further, they also have to give a detailed description of what they have done. In order to increase the value of your accounting essay, you can include tables, figures, charts, and so on. This would enhance the content quality, and the audience would get a better understanding of your essay.

  1. Conclusion/ Results

As the name suggests, this section focuses on the results that the students derive from their equations/ calculations. An important point to note here is that there is no “right” answer in accounting essay. If there are accounting calculations given by your professor then there might be a range under which your result must fall, but if not then you must not worry about the right answer. Under this subject, the answer is dependent on the method that is used and how it is used. Students must conduct a proper research, to get an apt result for their problem. Adding on, they must also avoid using sentences that are not required, include only what is needed.

  1. Proofread your essay

This is the last step and a very important one. Proofreading your essay is a must, after completing the writing process. Students in a hurry to submit their work on time ignore this step, which affects the quality of their content. In order to avoid this slip-up, you must edit your essay before submitting it. Rechecking would remove all the grammatical errors, spelling errors, and miscalculations if any. Once you are through with this step you can submit your essay.

By following the above-mentioned steps before and while writing an accounts essay, students like you can score good grades. If you are struggling with an essay which is nearing the submission date, quickly start working, these steps would make your experience stress free.







How to use an APA citation style?


APA or American Psychological Association citation style is mostly used for citing sources in social sciences field of study. This kind of citation style may seem like a daunting task to the students at first. But if followed step by step, it would be an easy task. Students must follow a series of rules while using this style. If the students take care of their content and the technicalities with regard to the format, they are good to go. If you are a college student and you are having a hard time following the APA style of citation for your paper, you can follow the easy steps below. The steps are:

Overall Paper Guidelines

In the university level when students are asked to write a research paper or dissertation, they are supposed to follow one format in order to maintain uniformity. Thus, there are set rules for a research paper. Rules such as:

  • The paper used for writing a research paper is different. Students must use 8½ × 11” paper.
  • Students need to maintain 1-inch margin on the top, bottom, and on all sides of the paper.
  • The first word of every paragraph will be indented one-half inch.
  • The font that will be used in the entire paper will be Times New Roman, and the size will be 12. The font size would differ for the headings.
  • You have to use double spacing throughout the paper. You have to ensure that the whole paper is done accordingly or else the paper would look varied.

The paper usually is divided into four main sections. They are:

  1. Title Page

The title page is the first page that the evaluator or the readers would see. The format of the title page would be:

  • Title of the paper, author’s name, the name of the institution.
  • On this page, no abbreviations are allowed.
  • The content must be in the center of the page.
  • The font used is Times New Roman and the size is 12.
  • Double spacing must be maintained.
  1. Abstract

An abstract is the summary of the research work done by the student. Thus, it must be concise and to the point. Students must stick to the word limit, as exceeding the word limit might not be appreciated. The format of abstract is as follows:

  • The term abstract must come on the center of the page.
  • The word limit must be between 150- 250 words.
  • Double spacing should be done throughout the page.
  • The content here will not be indented.
  1. Body

This is the main content section wherein students are to provide all their analysis and detailed description of their topic. This section can be subdivided into various parts depending on the nature of the topic. For example, if the topic has two or more subparts it will be written accordingly. In this part, students have to highlight the research method they have used, the data they have collected, and examples. Using credible sources to back your examples is a smart move, to increase the validation of your content. Following is the format that has to be followed:

  • Running title to be used.
  • The title must not be underlined, bold or italicized.
  • The introduction will be indented. This part will give a bigger picture to the evaluator. The rest of the content will follow accordingly.
  1. References

This part is one of the important one, amongst the others. Students must list all the sources that have been referred during the research. Referring to authentic and credible sources would increase the value of your research paper. While hunting for information, students usually ignore writing down each source, which in turn affects their content and the list of sources on the paper. It is thus advised, that students must keep making notes alongside while searching information. There are various formats for referencing. They are:

  • There must be running title.
  • The title References must be placed in the center bold.
  • The content on this page must be double-spaced.
  • For Single Author

Last name, first name. (year). Title. Name of the book, page number.

An example for this is− Franks, A. (2005). Margaret Sanger’s eugenic legacy: The control of female fertility.Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company.

  • Two or more Authors

Last name, first name, last name, first name. (year). Title. Name of the source, page number.

An example for this is− Burley, J., & Harris, J. (Eds.). (2002). A companion to genetics. Malden, MA: Blackwell.

  • Articles in Periodicals

Last name, first name. (year). Title of the article. Title of Periodical, volume number(issue number), pages.

An example for this is− Scruton, R. (1996). The eclipse of listening. The New Criterion, 15(3), 5-13.

  • To cite Books

Last name, first name. (year of publication). Title. Location: Publisher.

Example for this is− Calfee, R. C., & Valencia, R. R. (1991). APA guide to preparing manuscripts for journal publication. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

  • To cite Electronic Sources

Last name, first name. (date of publication). Title. Title of the source, volume number(issue number). Link from where the source has been retrieved.

Example for this is− Bernstein, M. (2002). 10 tips on writing the living Web. A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites, 149. Retrieved from

  • To cite other non-print sources

This includes emails, videotapes, music recording and so on.

Last name, first name(producer), Last name, first name(director). (year). Title. (Retrieved from location), page number.

An example can be− oltheart, M., Curtis, B., Atkins, P., & Haller, M. (1993). Models of reading aloud: Dual-route and parallel-distributed-processing approaches. Psychological Review, 100, 589-608.


The above-mentioned format is a set style of citation that various universities follow in research papers, dissertations, and thesis. Students, have to be very careful while using this format as any error can bring down their grades. Follow the steps and make your research paper in line with the format. Best would be to go about with the format step by step.
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How to write a Narrative Essay?


The term “Narrative Essay” primarily means an essay that has been written through the narrative approach. This kind of essay offers a platform to the writers to express their views and thoughts. If one talks about narrative essay writing in academia, the central meaning remains the same. According to the definition of a narrative essay, they are usually anecdotal, experiential, and personal. It allows the students to explore the creative side of them.

Writing a narrative essay involves a lot of critical thinking and analyses. It is like writing a story that has the introduction, the main part, and the climax. It is important to have an aim or a motive while writing a narrative essay. Students cannot start talking about an event without having the purpose of writing it. While writing this kind of an essay, students must have a clear point of view. The essay needs to be clear to the audience without raising any kind of questions in their minds while reading. Not only should your essay grab audience’s attention but it should also connect with them on an emotional level. If you want to write a narrative essay that is commendable follow the simple steps. The steps are:

  1. Start with pre-writing

What does it mean? Pre-writing simply means to write down all the instances and the events that come to your mind on a particular topic. For instance, if you are to write a narrative essay on environmental issues, you can list down the instances when you witnessed something that caused damage to the environment, or when you were a part of environment harming activity etc. Pre writing will help you choose an instance that is in line with your requirements.

  1. Think of an apt topic

Having a good topic for your essay can be a tactic to attract more audience. An apt topic is when you search information before you finalize your topic. This is a crucial step because this will give a name to your content. If the name is not eye-catching then you might lose out on your audience. For example: choosing one of your personal stories/ events and working on it can be a starting point here. Most students are unable to find a relative event or a personal instance of their topic, which deprives their essay a content flow.

  1. Choosing a story that fits in

This is an important part to take care off. Most students miss out on this and end up scoring fewer grades. In order to avoid this, students can do the first step and then finalize the story they want to include in their essay. Another aspect that students like you need to include is choosing a specific issue or a point. Many times students in the excitement of narrating a personal story forget the whole purpose of writing it. This can make you lose your focus and the content its purpose. For example, if you are given to write an essay on deforestation, then you have to make sure that your story is related to the problem and you have to bring out the whole essence of the story. You cannot talk about deforestation in the first paragraph and come on to a point that is not related to the topic.

  1. Create an outline

Having an outline helps you plan and write better. By making an outline students can proceed with their essay drafting in an organized manner. There will be a flow when you will be writing the content. It is better to first make an outline and then start writing in order to get you into the writing mode. During the research, there are a number of points that you would want to include in your content. In order to remember them, you should write it down somewhere. Creating an outline will give a definite direction to your narrative essay.

  1. Commence with drafting your essay

Once you are through with the above-mentioned steps, you can start writing your first draft. By having a proper content structure you will not get confused while writing every section of the essay. In this part, you can explore various zones of your creativity and express your views. Do not forget to include the details of your story or event that would add more value to your content. Including facts, questions, and quotes would further enhance your essay. Further, the students can compare their instances with a contradictory event to create a comparison. By comparing and contrasting not only will you give a clearer picture to your audience but will also improve your analytical skills.

  1. Recheck your essay

Writing and completing your narrative essay is not the main aim. The main aim is to provide a valuable content to your readers. In order to do so, students must recheck and edit their work. Most students ignore the last step of revising their essay, which leaves spelling mistakes and grammatical errors unattended. This can affect the scores of students. Before doing the final submission it is advised to check and recheck your essay. If you have missed out a main point during the writing process, you can include it in this step. Another way to edit your work is to read your essay loudly to find out mistakes.


Writing a narrative essay can be an interesting task if students have a story and a purpose. The above mentioned are easy steps that can help students to write a narrative essay successfully.

How to write a Law paper?


Writing a research paper on the law subject is very different from writing a paper for any other subjects. In order to write a law paper students need to have a legal knowledge base and they also need to know various laws that exist. Through writing, students can express their opinion in a better way. They not only get to develop their writing skills but also learn to critically analyze an event or a case. The specialty of writing a law paper is that the students have to dissect and thoroughly analyze the scenario to come out with their own interpretations and findings.

Writing a law paper can be a daunting task for most students. Having a very demanding academic schedule and extracurricular activities, most students do not get sufficient time to conduct a high-quality research, thus submitting a substandard work. Before you start the drafting process you can ask questions like:

What is the nature of the topic?

What kind of research will be used?

What will be the structure of the paper?

By asking the above-mentioned questions students will be able to narrow down the topic and there will be more clarity. Below are five easy steps that will help students like you to write a law paper. The steps are as follows:

  1. Choose a “good” topic

Why do you have to choose a “good” topic? Choosing a “good” topic will get the students closer to success. If your paper has an interesting topic with equally good content you can see your scores soar high. In order to do so, students have to conduct a pre-research before finalizing their topics. It is advised to skim through the syllabus and choose a topic that interests you the most. The next step is to do some surface research on the chosen topic. Students can choose a topic that has been used in a recent case. This will not only increase the chances of you getting better grades but also will strengthen your searching skills.

  1. Conduct an authentic high-quality research

In order to write quality content, students must conduct an original research. Once students are done with selecting a topic, they should search as much information as possible. Students usually run away from doing this step. If you are unaware of the topic, it is best to start the research by reading on general information on that topic. By acquainting yourself with the topic would give you more perspective. While searching for the information students must keep making side notes. This will help in the long run, especially during the drafting process. If you know where you will get what information, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

In order to give your content a lift, students must search legal sources, laws, etc. Since it is a law paper, students must include a law about which they are talking. It will be better if you could bring in a contrary law for comparison. For example, Students can include an international law or a domestic law or refer to an international treaty to increase the value of their law paper.

  1. Organize your Law paper

An ideal law paper would first introduce the audience to the topic, then explore and conclude the issue with logical and comprehensive writing. In order to do that the students must first organize their paper structure. Once you have completed all your research, you should create an organized list of sources and documents that you found while the information hunting process. It is advised to start the writing process as soon as possible because it will get you in the writing and thinking mode. The problem with writing later is that most students forget what they had searched earlier, thus rereading and searching for the same information would be a waste of time and energy. Hence taking down notes alongside would be a smarter way to go about with before the writing process. Students can organize their papers in the following way:

  • Introduction

This section would introduce the topic to the audience. The length of an introductory section will be dependent on the word limit that you need to follow. If your law paper has to be written in 1000 to 2000 words, you can give an elaborate introduction to the topic. A good introduction will comprise the purpose of your discussion, your arguments and a reason for the audience to keep reading your content. Thus you should make your introduction attention-grabbing.

  • Methodology 

Any research work follows a methodology. Students writing a law paper must follow one research methodology throughout the paper. In this section, students will highlight the research methodology issues that they faced. Further students can elaborate on how they can address those issues. The type of research methodology you use will determine the type of content that your paper posses. For instance, if you are using a traditional approach of research methodology that primarily focuses on the analyses and interpretation of the given laws, you would be critically analyzing the given law and interpreting it in your way. Hence, one has to be mindful as to what type of research methodology one follows in the paper.

  • Main Content

This section comprises mainly three elements: a background and legal information, critical analysis of the issue, and your interpretation. It is important to start your main body by giving some background information. Some students spend more time analyzing a law thus failing to give any kind of background to their content. This happens when students have a lot of information on hand and they want to include all of it in the main body. Writing the main content is more than summarising a law, it is based on the analyses that one indulges into.

  • Conclusion

This is the part where students can talk about their findings. Since it is a concluding section, students have to talk about the ways or the solutions that they found. The conclusion can also end in the form of a question that would put the reader in a thinking zone or it can simply end by giving a solution to the issues.

  • Bibliography

It is an important part of any research paper. Bibliography means the list of the sources that one refers during the writing process. It acts as a proof to the audience that the paper has been written by referring credible sources. A lot of sources in a bibliography shows that the student has done a lot of research.

  1. Edit before the submission

Rechecking the content is very important. Many students in the excitement to finish the paper, they forget to recheck the paper. This may leave the paper with spelling errors, grammatical errors and so on. In order to avoid such mistakes, students must edit and recheck their work before the final submission.


By following the above-mentioned steps you can easily write a law paper and score well in your exams.

How to write a Film Studies Essay?

Films have been a part of our lives since the discovery of printing press and cameras. The term “film” is a story or an event that is recorded in a camera as a set of moving images which are shown on television and in cinemas. This has brought a revolutionary change in the world of cinema. Films are made to be heard and seen, which appeals to our visuals. They are a medium to make viewers feel and understand what the filmmaker desires. The audience, in turn, assesses the film by analyzing the elements which were a part of the movie. Students of film studies have to work more on writing an essay on film rather than on a movie review. The film studies essay offers a complete scrutiny of a film. It includes an elaborate discussion on various topics, role of propaganda, culture, auteur theory and so on. Films are considered to be that channel of communication which inspires people in more than one way.

In order to write an essay on film studies can be a task if not followed the basic steps. The steps are as follows:


Steps to do before the writing process

  1. Narrow down the Scope

The first step to writing an essay for film studies is to think of a topic by narrowing down the scope of a specific area. For instance, if the professor has given a broad topic, then the first thing that the students must do is to conduct a research and focus on one specific part. This requires an extensive investigation into the topic. Students will have to dive into the thematic details about the topic. The topic would also depend on the area of your interest. Thus while selecting a topic for your essay, ensure that you know what you are going to write.

  1. Focus on the Specifics

Since your professor would be evaluating your essay, which means that he /she would know about the film. Thus while you are writing about the film make sure that you do not get into unnecessary details. Most students tend to drift away from delivering the main point by getting into the details about other unwanted elements. Students writing an essay can assume that the audience who will be reading your essay know about the film, hence you can straight away go to the main point by mentioning the information on structure and style of the film.

  1. Consider sequences of form and content

A film is made of several aspects. For example, a filmmaking includes editing, thematic concerns, cinematography, narrative and so on. Students have to write their essay by keeping these elements in mind. All these aspects affect the making of a film, hence while analyzing the movie students must focus on these factors.

  1. Identify historical features

The audience shows a lot of interest in the movies that carry a historical background. While you are working on your essay make sure to inquire if there are any historical elements in the film. Having a historical connection to the film enhances the understanding of the audience. If there are any historical events or stories, then you should take note of those and mention it in your analysis. Your writing must compare and contrast the present to the past.

  1. Country-specific Analysis

Films are made worldwide, thus all the films vary in style, culture, language etc. While writing an essay on a particular film, students have to consider the genre of the film, from which country is it and so on. For instance, you have to write an essay on a film titled “The Shape of Water”. Before writing you should know from which country the film is. All the countries have their own culture, tradition, societal conditions etc, which will be presented in the film. Analysing the film based on the country would give the students a deep insight about the film.

  1. Message for the audience

Substantial numbers of films carry a social, political, economic kind of message. Students while dealing with a film, should look for the message that a film carries. For example, a film can convey a social, political, personal message based on various issues. Students have to recognize the object of the film, as to why was the film made and questions along these lines.

  1. Pre Write the essay

This is the best way to start collecting your thoughts about the movie. Once you have collected all the information for the above-mentioned points, you can pre-write your ideas. The pre-writing will act as an outline when you are writing your essay. It will help you organize your thoughts and ideas while writing. It is advised to make a note of all the points and sources that you find during your research to include it in your essay.

Steps to follow while writing

  1. Overview

An overview is a section that contains a glance of your essay. It carries a big picture of your essay. An overview is also known as the summary, where the students have to give the gist of their essay.

  1. Introduction

Having an introduction to your essay is very important. The next step after writing the overview is this. Have an introduction that briefly introduces the audience as to what your essay talks about. You should not go into the details of your essay in the introduction part. Make your introduction catchy so that the reader reads your whole work.

  1. Issue

This part will highlight the area of your research. For example, if the student is focusing on the social aspect of the movie, then this section would contain information with regard to that. By mentioning your area of research, the audiences know what they are going to read in the essay.

  1. Main Content

Content is the main part of your essay, which carries all your arguments about the film. Students have to elaborately analyze the film in this section. You are supposed to mention your arguments and support your arguments by citing credible sources. This would validate your statement and the readers would know that the work done is original and unique.

  1. Conclusion

Provide your essay the right conclusion. Most students take the conclusion section for granted, which gives their essays a poor ending. Students have to keep in mind that each section of your essay is important.

  1. Bibliography

Do not forget to mention bibliography at the end of your work. Students must follow the format suggested by their professors for the same. Having a bibliography would increase the value of your essay and would also authenticate your research.



By following the above mentioned simple steps, you can write an outstanding film studies essay. Ensure that you conduct a detailed research before starting the whole process.