How to write an Accounting essay?

The term “accounting” refers to a process of keeping financial records or accounts. Accounting is an essential part of the business world. It is very rightly quoted by Diane Garnick that:

“Accounting does not make corporate earnings or balance sheets more volatile. Accounting just increases the transparency of volatility in earnings.”


The complexity of accounting increases with the size of business. This field includes keeping financial records, conducting internal and external audits, updating financial information to the management, and so on. Students studying this subject must have sufficient knowledge, to go ahead with writing an essay on any accounts related topic. With a demanding academic schedule and extracurricular activities, students find essay writing a daunting task. In order write a high-quality essay one has to conduct research, which becomes difficult with such less time left in hand. Accounting essay is different from any other kind of essay. The content should be concise, clear, factually right, updated, and it must include tables, figures, etc. This type of essay requires analysis and calculation. If you find it hard to write an accounting essay, simply follow the steps to complete your task easily. The steps are as follows: 

Steps to do before writing

  1. Understand the concept

Once you get the question, make sure that you understand it. You can ask your professors or guides to help you understand the concept if you face any difficulty. Since you have to write an essay, it is extremely important to know your topic. If the professor gives you the liberty of choosing your own topic, then conduct a research and choose a topic that is relevant. It can be on a recent accounting report that the government might have released, or an event that took place, etc. Taking help from such sources would validate your work, and the audience would appreciate it. Students must get to know their question/ topic before they get down to writing about it.

  1. Make a blueprint

This is the second step before writing your essay. It is wise, to first make an outline of the essay. The question that might arise is: What is an outline? The outline is a rough plan of your essay, which includes the points and the information that you would want to include while writing. This step helps you organize your thoughts, and since it is an accounting essay you can work on your calculations too. An accounting essay might include equations, numbers, figures, and so on, thus a clear arrangement is required before you start drafting your essay. During the writing process, this outline would help you arrange your information in an organized manner. Hence, making a rough plan is a smart way to go about with the whole writing task.

  1. Refer credible sources

This type of essay involves both analysis and calculations, thus the research needs to be done accordingly. Most students in the rush to complete the research refer to sources, which are not credible, which in turn affects the quality of their essays. You must make it a point to refer government reports, documents, lists, etc to get updated and authenticated information. While students are researching it is important to make a note of all the sources that are being referred, in order to avoid confusion at the later stage. There are times when students complete their research and forget to make a list of the sources referred, which affects their bibliography and content quality. You must avoid this mistake.


Steps to write an accounts essay

  1. Introduction

Once you are through with above-mentioned steps, you can start drafting your essay. Under this section, students must provide a brief introduction to the topic. Assuming that the audience is not aware of your topic, it is important to give a basic idea in the first paragraph of your essay. An introduction is the first thing that the audience read; make sure you do not include unnecessary information in there. Include clear and concise sentences, which would interest the readers. By asking questions, you can grab more attention.

  1. Calculations/ Analysis

Students might get topics that would require calculations. Thus, this section is solely for calculations and analysis. Students need to solve their accounting problems, in the form of equations. Further, they also have to give a detailed description of what they have done. In order to increase the value of your accounting essay, you can include tables, figures, charts, and so on. This would enhance the content quality, and the audience would get a better understanding of your essay.

  1. Conclusion/ Results

As the name suggests, this section focuses on the results that the students derive from their equations/ calculations. An important point to note here is that there is no “right” answer in accounting essay. If there are accounting calculations given by your professor then there might be a range under which your result must fall, but if not then you must not worry about the right answer. Under this subject, the answer is dependent on the method that is used and how it is used. Students must conduct a proper research, to get an apt result for their problem. Adding on, they must also avoid using sentences that are not required, include only what is needed.

  1. Proofread your essay

This is the last step and a very important one. Proofreading your essay is a must, after completing the writing process. Students in a hurry to submit their work on time ignore this step, which affects the quality of their content. In order to avoid this slip-up, you must edit your essay before submitting it. Rechecking would remove all the grammatical errors, spelling errors, and miscalculations if any. Once you are through with this step you can submit your essay.

By following the above-mentioned steps before and while writing an accounts essay, students like you can score good grades. If you are struggling with an essay which is nearing the submission date, quickly start working, these steps would make your experience stress free.








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