How to write an essay?


A common question that all the students of high school and colleges struggle to answer is: “How to write a perfect essay?” For some students, writing an essay is simply sitting on a computer and typing. But, they do not notice some mistakes that are usually made while writing an essay which are left unnoticed. For a student who is given a task to write an essay, finds it difficult to complete it in a correct manner. Hence, the student ends up scoring fewer grades. The main reason for students not being able to write a good quality essay is the lack of research done on a topic. With an over-demanding academic schedule and extracurricular activities, students have insufficient time to conduct an authentic research on their topics. This, in turn, affects the quality of their essays. Students like you consider essay writing a daunting task, but if you know how to go about with the writing process you can sail through it effortlessly. So, if you want to know the key to writing a high-quality essay follow the steps below:

  1. Unique title

Giving your essay a unique and attractive title can gather more readers for your content. It is important to have an interesting title because most of the readers will only read the title and make their decision of reading ahead or not. Thus, frame your title in such a way that it grabs the attention of readers.

  1. Research about your topic

Generally, when you search for any topic you end up copy-pasting it in your essay, which is a major mistake. To make an essay free from plagiarism, research more about the topic, and make note of the relevant information by describing it in your own way. Less information can be the reason, for low-quality content in an essay. The more you search information on a particular topic; you will be able to get a broader perspective while writing the essay. Hence conducting a high-quality in-depth research is the key to writing excellent content.

  1. Focus more on your topic

Most students in the excitement to write an essay forget to focus on the topic. Students must try, to write more about the topic in an elaborate manner.  By preparing an outline of your ideas, you will be able to structure your content better. Give scaled information and clear data about the topic to maintain the quality of your content. Some students tend to drift away from the topic while writing the content. In order to avoid this scenario, it is wise to first know your topic and plan your content.

  1. Plan a good introduction

An Introduction is the first thing that the readers read. Hence, it is important to have an introduction that is impactful and concise. Make sure that the introduction shows a small picture of your main content. Avoid providing the details in this section. You have to ensure that this section introduces every element of your essay.

  1. The main body of your essay

Make sure that the main body of your essay includes multiple paragraphs, which explain and provide evidence about the topic. You must use examples, to support your information. Using examples will make the reader understand easily. The body should be an in-detail description of your topic. Make sure that you are able to build a link between your examples and analysis. Most students tend to lose the connectivity while explaining their examples. Gather relevant examples which are related to the topic, to avoid this mistake.

  1. Common grammatical errors

Focus on the minor mistakes that you make while writing. You can make a rough outline of the content, which will ensure that your essay is error free. Use words such as: ‘a’, ‘is’, ‘are’, ‘has’, ‘have’, ‘often’, ‘therefore’, ‘meanwhile’, and many more. These words are used to combine one subject to the other, hence playing an important role in a sentence. The best way to avoid grammatical errors is to check and recheck your essay before submission.

  1. Avoid repetition of words

This is the main point to keep in mind while writing an essay. Repetition will bring down the value of your content. The readers will get an impression, that the writer does not have language proficiency. In order to avoid it, ensure that you use different words. Building your vocabulary will be a start, to know new words. A student who has a strong vocabulary must not show off, by using words that do not suit the situation. Using simple words can make a content look better than using heavy vocabulary words which add the complexity to the content.

  1. Add pictures

Including pictures and images in your essay can make it more lively and colorful. The essay will appear more attractive to the reader, as including images can explain better by giving it a visual effect. As pictures would break the monotony of the content, ensure that the pictures you include are in line with the topic. Students sometimes in order to fill the space, put pictures that are not related to the content. You must understand that pictures are not meant to fill the gap, rather they are meant to enhance the meaning of your content.

  1. Conclusion

This is the last section of an essay; students must have a solid ending to their essays to leave a lasting impact on the reader. The conclusion of your essay can be a question, an anecdote, or a statement. Most students by the time they reach the conclusion lose out on the excitement to write and thus end up writing a conclusion that is not up to the mark. Having a good conclusion is as important as having a good introduction. So devote sufficient time and interest while writing this part of the essay.


These are some of the simple tips that you should keep in mind while writing an essay. If you follow these steps, you can easily write a perfect essay on any topic. The main mantra of writing a good essay is to first know your topic, second, plan your topic, and third, execute your ideas. In order to do so, students must conduct an authentic research to come up with their own opinions and ideas. Writing an essay is not a difficult task if you follow the above-mentioned tips. To improve your content, it is best to write one blog every day and read simultaneously.







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