How to write a Law paper?


Writing a research paper on the law subject is very different from writing a paper for any other subjects. In order to write a law paper students need to have a legal knowledge base and they also need to know various laws that exist. Through writing, students can express their opinion in a better way. They not only get to develop their writing skills but also learn to critically analyze an event or a case. The specialty of writing a law paper is that the students have to dissect and thoroughly analyze the scenario to come out with their own interpretations and findings.

Writing a law paper can be a daunting task for most students. Having a very demanding academic schedule and extracurricular activities, most students do not get sufficient time to conduct a high-quality research, thus submitting a substandard work. Before you start the drafting process you can ask questions like:

What is the nature of the topic?

What kind of research will be used?

What will be the structure of the paper?

By asking the above-mentioned questions students will be able to narrow down the topic and there will be more clarity. Below are five easy steps that will help students like you to write a law paper. The steps are as follows:

  1. Choose a “good” topic

Why do you have to choose a “good” topic? Choosing a “good” topic will get the students closer to success. If your paper has an interesting topic with equally good content you can see your scores soar high. In order to do so, students have to conduct a pre-research before finalizing their topics. It is advised to skim through the syllabus and choose a topic that interests you the most. The next step is to do some surface research on the chosen topic. Students can choose a topic that has been used in a recent case. This will not only increase the chances of you getting better grades but also will strengthen your searching skills.

  1. Conduct an authentic high-quality research

In order to write quality content, students must conduct an original research. Once students are done with selecting a topic, they should search as much information as possible. Students usually run away from doing this step. If you are unaware of the topic, it is best to start the research by reading on general information on that topic. By acquainting yourself with the topic would give you more perspective. While searching for the information students must keep making side notes. This will help in the long run, especially during the drafting process. If you know where you will get what information, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

In order to give your content a lift, students must search legal sources, laws, etc. Since it is a law paper, students must include a law about which they are talking. It will be better if you could bring in a contrary law for comparison. For example, Students can include an international law or a domestic law or refer to an international treaty to increase the value of their law paper.

  1. Organize your Law paper

An ideal law paper would first introduce the audience to the topic, then explore and conclude the issue with logical and comprehensive writing. In order to do that the students must first organize their paper structure. Once you have completed all your research, you should create an organized list of sources and documents that you found while the information hunting process. It is advised to start the writing process as soon as possible because it will get you in the writing and thinking mode. The problem with writing later is that most students forget what they had searched earlier, thus rereading and searching for the same information would be a waste of time and energy. Hence taking down notes alongside would be a smarter way to go about with before the writing process. Students can organize their papers in the following way:

  • Introduction

This section would introduce the topic to the audience. The length of an introductory section will be dependent on the word limit that you need to follow. If your law paper has to be written in 1000 to 2000 words, you can give an elaborate introduction to the topic. A good introduction will comprise the purpose of your discussion, your arguments and a reason for the audience to keep reading your content. Thus you should make your introduction attention-grabbing.

  • Methodology 

Any research work follows a methodology. Students writing a law paper must follow one research methodology throughout the paper. In this section, students will highlight the research methodology issues that they faced. Further students can elaborate on how they can address those issues. The type of research methodology you use will determine the type of content that your paper posses. For instance, if you are using a traditional approach of research methodology that primarily focuses on the analyses and interpretation of the given laws, you would be critically analyzing the given law and interpreting it in your way. Hence, one has to be mindful as to what type of research methodology one follows in the paper.

  • Main Content

This section comprises mainly three elements: a background and legal information, critical analysis of the issue, and your interpretation. It is important to start your main body by giving some background information. Some students spend more time analyzing a law thus failing to give any kind of background to their content. This happens when students have a lot of information on hand and they want to include all of it in the main body. Writing the main content is more than summarising a law, it is based on the analyses that one indulges into.

  • Conclusion

This is the part where students can talk about their findings. Since it is a concluding section, students have to talk about the ways or the solutions that they found. The conclusion can also end in the form of a question that would put the reader in a thinking zone or it can simply end by giving a solution to the issues.

  • Bibliography

It is an important part of any research paper. Bibliography means the list of the sources that one refers during the writing process. It acts as a proof to the audience that the paper has been written by referring credible sources. A lot of sources in a bibliography shows that the student has done a lot of research.

  1. Edit before the submission

Rechecking the content is very important. Many students in the excitement to finish the paper, they forget to recheck the paper. This may leave the paper with spelling errors, grammatical errors and so on. In order to avoid such mistakes, students must edit and recheck their work before the final submission.


By following the above-mentioned steps you can easily write a law paper and score well in your exams.


How to write a Film Studies Essay?

Films have been a part of our lives since the discovery of printing press and cameras. The term “film” is a story or an event that is recorded in a camera as a set of moving images which are shown on television and in cinemas. This has brought a revolutionary change in the world of cinema. Films are made to be heard and seen, which appeals to our visuals. They are a medium to make viewers feel and understand what the filmmaker desires. The audience, in turn, assesses the film by analyzing the elements which were a part of the movie. Students of film studies have to work more on writing an essay on film rather than on a movie review. The film studies essay offers a complete scrutiny of a film. It includes an elaborate discussion on various topics, role of propaganda, culture, auteur theory and so on. Films are considered to be that channel of communication which inspires people in more than one way.

In order to write an essay on film studies can be a task if not followed the basic steps. The steps are as follows:


Steps to do before the writing process

  1. Narrow down the Scope

The first step to writing an essay for film studies is to think of a topic by narrowing down the scope of a specific area. For instance, if the professor has given a broad topic, then the first thing that the students must do is to conduct a research and focus on one specific part. This requires an extensive investigation into the topic. Students will have to dive into the thematic details about the topic. The topic would also depend on the area of your interest. Thus while selecting a topic for your essay, ensure that you know what you are going to write.

  1. Focus on the Specifics

Since your professor would be evaluating your essay, which means that he /she would know about the film. Thus while you are writing about the film make sure that you do not get into unnecessary details. Most students tend to drift away from delivering the main point by getting into the details about other unwanted elements. Students writing an essay can assume that the audience who will be reading your essay know about the film, hence you can straight away go to the main point by mentioning the information on structure and style of the film.

  1. Consider sequences of form and content

A film is made of several aspects. For example, a filmmaking includes editing, thematic concerns, cinematography, narrative and so on. Students have to write their essay by keeping these elements in mind. All these aspects affect the making of a film, hence while analyzing the movie students must focus on these factors.

  1. Identify historical features

The audience shows a lot of interest in the movies that carry a historical background. While you are working on your essay make sure to inquire if there are any historical elements in the film. Having a historical connection to the film enhances the understanding of the audience. If there are any historical events or stories, then you should take note of those and mention it in your analysis. Your writing must compare and contrast the present to the past.

  1. Country-specific Analysis

Films are made worldwide, thus all the films vary in style, culture, language etc. While writing an essay on a particular film, students have to consider the genre of the film, from which country is it and so on. For instance, you have to write an essay on a film titled “The Shape of Water”. Before writing you should know from which country the film is. All the countries have their own culture, tradition, societal conditions etc, which will be presented in the film. Analysing the film based on the country would give the students a deep insight about the film.

  1. Message for the audience

Substantial numbers of films carry a social, political, economic kind of message. Students while dealing with a film, should look for the message that a film carries. For example, a film can convey a social, political, personal message based on various issues. Students have to recognize the object of the film, as to why was the film made and questions along these lines.

  1. Pre Write the essay

This is the best way to start collecting your thoughts about the movie. Once you have collected all the information for the above-mentioned points, you can pre-write your ideas. The pre-writing will act as an outline when you are writing your essay. It will help you organize your thoughts and ideas while writing. It is advised to make a note of all the points and sources that you find during your research to include it in your essay.

Steps to follow while writing

  1. Overview

An overview is a section that contains a glance of your essay. It carries a big picture of your essay. An overview is also known as the summary, where the students have to give the gist of their essay.

  1. Introduction

Having an introduction to your essay is very important. The next step after writing the overview is this. Have an introduction that briefly introduces the audience as to what your essay talks about. You should not go into the details of your essay in the introduction part. Make your introduction catchy so that the reader reads your whole work.

  1. Issue

This part will highlight the area of your research. For example, if the student is focusing on the social aspect of the movie, then this section would contain information with regard to that. By mentioning your area of research, the audiences know what they are going to read in the essay.

  1. Main Content

Content is the main part of your essay, which carries all your arguments about the film. Students have to elaborately analyze the film in this section. You are supposed to mention your arguments and support your arguments by citing credible sources. This would validate your statement and the readers would know that the work done is original and unique.

  1. Conclusion

Provide your essay the right conclusion. Most students take the conclusion section for granted, which gives their essays a poor ending. Students have to keep in mind that each section of your essay is important.

  1. Bibliography

Do not forget to mention bibliography at the end of your work. Students must follow the format suggested by their professors for the same. Having a bibliography would increase the value of your essay and would also authenticate your research.



By following the above mentioned simple steps, you can write an outstanding film studies essay. Ensure that you conduct a detailed research before starting the whole process.

How to write a Biology Paper?


A biology paper consists of data that the investigator collects by either performing experiments or conducting a study. Writing for scientific papers require accuracy and subject knowledge. Each paper follows different criteria and format. Thus, students cannot write a biology paper like a social sciences paper. They cannot write vaguely as the subject is based on results and accurate observations. Every sentence that is being used should be clear, concise and provide an understanding to the reader. While writing biology paper students must abstain from plagiarism. Plagiarism is one of the most looked down activity in the writing field. When it comes to academic writing students must provide their point of view in the most original and authentic manner. In a biology paper, the main idea is placed first, which is followed by detailed information about citing expectations, ideas, observations, and so on. Most students do not get sufficient time to conduct an original research, which can affect their content quality. Thus it is advised to first conduct a detailed research to know your topic better so that you can come up with accurate results without facing any hurdles. If you want to learn how to write a biology paper simply follow the steps below. The steps are:

  1. Title

Think of a title that goes perfectly with the content of your paper. The title is placed at the top of the page of your paper. It should be highlighted and put in a font that is legible. Make sure that you think about your topic, as it should be catchy and interesting. After writing the title students must include the author’s name below it. For example, if there are more authors, then the student will include his/ her name first and then the other names subsequently. Since it is a study, the student must provide the name of the writer.

  1. Abstract

An abstract must not be more than 250 words. Depending on the specifications provided by your professor, make sure that you write an abstract briefly. It should contain clear statements of hypothesis, predictions, etc. In a nutshell, this section must give readers the big picture. Most students fail to understand this and they write a very lengthy abstract which is not required. Students must try to put forth their ideas in a concise way so that the reader gets the basic idea of the paper.

  1. Introduction

In this section, students must describe the purpose of investigation succinctly. By bringing in examples of the published studies and comparing your findings with them will provide a better understanding to the reader.  Students can increase the value of their paper by citing credible sources. This part should introduce your topic and highlight the main elements of your study, which would give an idea to the reader about your paper.

  1. Method used

Under biology subject, all the experiments are performed by using one or the other method. Thus the students must mention what method they are using in their study. It means that they should explain the experiment in detail. Students ought to include information that is important to the study. For example, if you conducted your study outside, then you have to mention the details accordingly. Make sure that you do not miss out on any detail related to the study/ experiment. This may include facts, figures, tables, etc.

  1. Results

This section is not found in the social sciences papers, as it is restricted to only technical papers. Result section shows the end product of your study. You can go ahead by writing about the observed result directly. This may include the different patterns, correlations, etc that emerge during the study. For a better explanation, students can use tables and figures. If there is an inclusion of table and/ or figure then it must have an explanation text along with it. Many students do not explain the table which leaves the reader clueless. Thus include an explanation for better understanding. Adding on, you must number the tables and figures so that there isn’t any confusion at the time of reference.

  1. Discussion

This section includes a detailed description of your findings. In this part, students have to bring in a comparison between their findings and the published studies. The students need to validate their finding by citing more examples from various sources. Each statement has to be justified and validated. One cannot make sweeping statements without backing them with credible information. Another important point to note here is that students must not include their errors while discussing the study.

  1. Literature cited

Having a separate section for the literature is essential. Being a technical paper, there are times when the reader might feel like cross-checking a figure or a fact or a finding. Backing your work up with the sources referred will not only increase the value of your work but also be appreciated by the readers. Make sure that you include those sources which have been used and mentioned in the study, that way the readers can understand your paper easily.

  1. Glossary

This section is for the terms that are used by the writer and that might not be known to the audience. In order to present a clear picture, you must provide a glossary section, wherein you provide information about the short forms used and the unconventional terms that have been included in the content. If you want to explain the meaning of a word, you can do so in this part.


  1. Edit before the final submission

Editing your work before the submission is very important as it might save you from losing your grades. There are many students who skip this step and submit their papers. This results in spelling mistakes, error in the result, grammatical errors and so on. In order to avoid such mistakes, students must re-check their work before they do the final submission.

By following the above-mentioned steps you can write a biology paper easily. For better results, students are advised to know their topics by researching adequately before starting the drafting process.



How to write a 1500 word Literature Critique Essay?


A literature review or literature critique is a critically analyzed report found in the literature related to the selected area of study. In simple language, it is a description, evaluation, and analysis of the literature that has been used in the research study. Literature reviews are secondary sources that do not inform about the new or present work. They rather are the works done by various authors during their time in the same field of study. Having a literature review authenticates the research study. It adds more value to the work that has been done by the researchers. It is more than searching and collecting information about the sources. It is about reading, evaluating and including that in the study.

Before starting to work on the literature review students should know what format the research study will follow. The literature review will vary according to that. There are types of literature reviews that students/ researchers follow:

Argumentative Review

Integrative Review

Historical Review

Methodological Review

Systematic Review

Theoretical Review

The purpose of a literature review is to give an easy access to the readers to know about the relevance and authenticity of the sources. It is a section where the researchers are supposed to analyze and present their own perspectives on that specific area. The literature review also acts as a clue, if further research has to be conducted. Further, it helps to highlight the key findings of the research study. In this section, the students have to find gaps and contradictions that they discovered while writing the paper. Literature review writing is not a difficult task. To master it follow the steps:

  1. Select a topic

Before writing a literature review students need to first select a topic. It is advised to discuss the tentative topics with the research guides or professors to start in a definite direction. Most students in the excitement to start the review select a very vague topic and that brings in a number of hurdles while writing the paper. In order to avoid this problem, think and research about the topic.

  1. Review the Literature

While searching the information, students need to search reliable sources related to their field of study. During the information hunting process, students may find access to various valuable sources, like the government websites, papers, documents etc. It is advised to also look up for theories that are contrary to the theory that you will be using in your research. This way you will be able to set up comparison, which will provide a better understanding to the readers.

  1. Focus on the topic

At this stage, students should have a topic on which the whole research study will be based. With the narrowing down of the topic, you will now select “topic specific” papers, articles, books etc. In order to do so, it is advised to find out the various sub-topics that you want to include in the essay.

  1. Evaluation of selected sources

After the selection process of sources you are required to evaluate them based on the following:

  • Assumptions that are made by the author.
  • The methodology that has been used by the author.
  • Research findings of the source.
  • Popular theories that have been written on the topic.
  • New discoveries that have been made in that area of study.

Above mentioned elements must be kept in mind during the evaluation process. The main aim is to dive deep into the source and find out more than what has been provided by the author.


  1. Organize the sources by topics

In the literature review, the content is divided into various subtopics. Thus, organizing the sources according to the subtopics helps you to write effectively. You will not get confused as to which source was for what topic. Having a written record of the sources under each topic will help you organize your work better. For example: If the topic is on the history, then you have to arrange all the sources that talk about the history. The next topic, for instance, is on the political status then you can arrange the sources accordingly.

  1. Your Observation

Writing your observation in the literature review is an important part. The whole point of having a literature review reaffirms the reader that you have done an authentic research study on the topic. By expressing your views you add more value to that area. In order to make a keen observation, it is important to conduct a detailed and authentic research. Having more information on hand will help the student to explore more areas of that topic. Hence the observation will be written in the context of sources.

  1. Write the main body of the review

After completing the observation you can commence drafting the main body. Here you are supposed to talk extensively about the topic and the source used. Each source will be discussed in detail in this section.  If there are five sources referred to one subtopic, then the students are supposed to write about the sources in detail separately. This part of literature review gives the reader a bigger picture of the topic.

  1. Focus on the Analysis

Analysing is the main factor in the literature review. If the students simply mention the information mentioned in the source, it would not do justice. Students have to take a step further and analyze the work done by the authors. This way the student will be focusing on the central idea of the argument and not on the mere description.

  1. Revise and Edit

This is the last step that students must do. After the drafting process, it is important to proofread the work to avoid grammatical and format related errors. Most students skip this part and submit their work, thus overlooking the spelling mistakes and other errors. Revising and editing before the submission will ensure that a quality literature review is submitted.

The above-mentioned steps to write a 1500 word literature review are easy to follow. With the help of these steps, you can get a high-quality literature critique essay.


How to motivate yourself to start an essay?

Are you a student who is finding it hard to stay motivated to write an essay? Maintaining motivation while writing an essay, can be a daunting task. If you are a non-writer, lack of motivation can make the writing task unbearable. Before you find the ways to encourage yourself to write an essay, it is important to know why you need a thrust to write in the first place.

Motivation is a state when a person is energized to direct and prolong a behavior. It helps a person strive hard to achieve particular goals.  The absence of motivation can make it hard for the person to do anything in life. Motivation is the key that opens a door of possibilities, thus the presence of motivation becomes an essential part of a student’s life to sail through the written assignments and essays.

Being a student is not a cake walk. Committing to a demanding academic schedule and extracurricular activities leave students with less or no time to spend on essay writing. What adds on to the problem is the lack/absence of motivation. Below listed are some ways to motivate yourself to start an essay.

  1. Focus on the positives

Once a student gets an essay, he/ she starts to work on it directly. If the topic is an easy one, then completing it isn’t a troublesome activity. But if the topic is dry or not of the interest of students, then writing it becomes an unwanted job. It is always wise to focus on the positives about the topic. Students should conduct research wherein you find something interesting about the topic, which in turn will build your interest. In order to start writing an essay, it is advised to write on something that falls under your area of interest. This way you spend more time in analyzing and researching the topic. As a result, the content that is written will have a new perspective and high quality.

  1. Keep the distractions away

Writing an essay involves focus, but sometimes attaining that concentration level is difficult. For instance, if you are surrounded by a lot of people in the room, and there are several other activities going on it is impossible to concentrate on writing. Distractions can leave your essay undone and the motivation gets channelized in other activities. In order to keep yourself interested and involved in essay writing, keep all your distractions away. Distractions like your phone, social media, and television to name a few.

  1. Know your topic

There are times when you would get a topic that you have no idea about. It is thus advised to first conduct a proper research on the topic before starting to write. Many students find it difficult to write on a topic about which they have limited information. By conducting an informative research one can know the topic and write an essay on it easily. By reading more and more information about the topic, you would get more confidence in writing about it. Hence before starting to write, acquaint yourself with the topic. Knowing the topic will help you express your own perspective about it, which will give you an edge over others.


  1. Get your materials ready

Writing an essay involves a lot of research and referring to various books and articles. Another way to keep yourself motivated to write an essay is to keep all the materials you require ready while writing. This would save you the searching time and the loss of patience. It becomes easy to write when you have the required information sources available to you. Researching and keeping materials ready is the basic way to go about with any kind of academic writing. Various scholars and researchers first collect the information and then start the writing processing, thus maintain a flow of ideas. In order to continue the mood of writing, make sure that all the information you require is at your disposal.

  1. Keep small targets

There are different types of essays that students have to write. Sometimes the essays do not take much time, but varying in nature some essays end up taking a lot of time. How can you survive writing a long essay? The answer is simple, by keeping petite targets. For instance, if the essay is an analytical one, it is better to attend one part at a time. You can give half an hour to write an introduction, one hour to write the main body and another half an hour to write the conclusion. By sticking to your deadlines for each part would keep you interested and excited throughout.

  1. Surround yourself with the right company

Essay writing is a formal way of expressing one’s perspective to the audience. In order to start writing an essay, being with the right group of people can also be a motivational factor. If you are with a group of friends who are planning a party, can be the wrong choice of people to write an essay with. But if you are with the group of people who are writing or reading, you will automatically get motivated to start the work. If you like to work alone in your room, then so be it. Make sure you are able to start writing wherever you are.


  1. Treat yourself to each achievement

Rewarding yourself for each achievement can be a motivating factor while writing an essay. Giving incentives can encourage you to complete the task successfully. A little self-appreciation will help you to walk an extra mile. In order to keep yourself interested in writing, reward yourself.

Above mentioned are some ways to motivate yourself to start an essay. If you follow them, you would be able to start and end an essay successfully. All you have to make sure that you stick to your targets and accomplish them. Essay writing can become an easy task if practiced regularly.


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